Kenny Slaught On Benefits Brought By California JOBS Act

Kenny Slaught says that sites offering the possibility of online collaborations but also workflow automation are in high demand, generally because they can also deliver instant access to accurate and consolidated data flows. As the owner of one of the most successful property management firms in Santa Barbara, he explains that modern software and mobile applications offer both investors and builders a wider range of lending and borrowing occasions, across a diverse property asset classes and areas. Despite been created only a few years back, crowdfunding portals helped grow at a fast pace over 150 startups nationwide, that specialize in real estate. Currently, approximately 7% of the U.S population qualifies as an investor with accreditation. In densely urban settings like Southern California, this number goes up to 20%. The platforms, including CrowdEngine, RealtyShares, CrowdForce, made it possible to raise money from the general public in a legal manner and some firms went as far as attracting 90% of the equity needed through direct community donations. 

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