Kenny Slaught Examines Architecture Of Santa Barbara

Former Spanish colonies slowly became American cities and they’re constructed in the Spanish Colonial architectural style that appeared in early 20th century. California is where the style can be seen the most, especially in Santa Barbara where buildings needed to be reconstructed after the 1925 earthquake. It was thanks to architect George Washington Smith who came to Montecito, that the style appeared and developed. He took inspiration from the “white-washed cities” of Andalusia in the South of Spain. Additionally, Roman and Parisian laws help maintain the history of the El Pueblo Viejo and its aesthetic. Combining the natural environment and the local materials is how the buildings in Santa Barbara were created. Kenny Slaught describes them as “simple, with a rustic economy, perfectly crafted and with an honest expression of material.” This is easy to see because they’re oriented towards the sun and use colors such as red, yellow, orange and white.

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